Digital Health Compliance

Your partner for reliable handling of patient data and digitization in health care

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Digital Health Compliance

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Digitization of health care is what we stand for. What’s more, we believe that it can be safe and compliant! We make the transition towards a digitized health care system into a success at every level of your organization and safeguard the correct use of patient data. We identify, design, implement, test and monitor the appropriate measures for data protection, privacy, legislation and regulations. Our approach is characterized by an outstanding level of expertise in the health care domain, experts professionals in various domains (e.g. IT, legal, privacy and cybersecurity) and digital compliance tools through which your organization excels. We make compliance affordable and scalable, so you will have more time and money to spend on your core function: providing good health-care.


You comply with legislation and regulations and are transparent about privacy and security issues vis-à-vis your clients and patients. In doing so, you avoid the risk of non‑compliance issues, negative publicity and possible penalties.

Enhancing Acceptance

Being able to proof your maturity level on standards for compliance, privacy and security will increase trust and the likelihood that you achieve your goals for the digitization of your organization. You will gain support and acceptance from important stakeholders from within your organization and among patients. This way you can optimally benefit from the opportunities digitalization can offer you.

Reducing Costs

Costs for compliance are increasing as a result of an increasing demand for legislation and regulation. By taking the full regulatory framework into account and tailoring this to your unique situation as well as defining actionable requirements, your costs will drastically reduce. Furthermore, our digital compliance tools further automate your compliance activities and therefore result in an additional cost saving.

Process Improvement

In order to safeguard the secure handling of patient data, controls are verified and monitored continuously. To further improve its effectiveness we provide advice on how to enhance them. In case discrepancies occur you will immediately be notified and we will work with you to anticipate potential incidents. Our digital compliance tools generate insights to further optimize your compliance processes.

Road to Compliance

Digitization of health care is something we believe in. What’s more, we are certain it can be secure and compliant. By setting out in the right direction you will achieve your own strategic objectives. These serve an important role in the process of further detailing the regulatory framework. By translating the framework into actionable requirements, a secure and responsible handling of patient data will be guaranteed at all times.

“Where do you stand and what route will you take?”

Digital Strategy

How do innovative technologies enable your organization’s strategic objectives? Are you convinced you are on-track in the realization of your digital ambition?


Compliance Blueprint

Do you know the legislation and regulations you must comply with and when? How to respond if you are dealing with conflicting legislation? Do you understand the concrete requirements resulting from this regulatory framework?

Implementation Program

How do you ensure that all legal, technical and organizational measures (as laid down in the Compliance Blueprint) are implemented throughout your organization?


Compliance Healthcheck

Do you comply with all regulatory framework requirements right now? Do you (periodically) take measurements to monitor progress?

Compliance Monitoring

How do you stay ‘in-control’ of all requirements for the responsible processing of patient data? And how do you minimise this compliance burden?


Compliant Through Digital

“Does your organisation perceives compliance to be an “administrative burden”? Would you want to reduce this burden for your staff and save money without losing control?”

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Our Partners

The GGD Appstore is an initiative from the public health department in Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam). Their main objective is to conduct research and advise health-care consumers about the responsible usage of mobile health applications. All applications are objectively evaluated against criteria such as: usability, reliability, effectiveness and privacy / security. The service is that is offered by 25 public health department in the Netherlands.

THINC. is part of the UMC Utrecht Julius Center and supports innovators in healthcare to develop, evaluate and implement their healthcare innovations. THINC. performs clinical research and (early) health technology assessment on behalf of healthcare innovators. With the results of these studies an innovator can build a portfolio of evidence to support for instance CE mark or input to improve a prototype.

The objective of the Innovation Partner Group of ICT&health is to challenge the status quo. Their aim is to inform, break barriers and scale innovative technological solutions within the health-care domain. They realize this by bringing together experts and knowledge from the health-care, government, educational and business sectors. They jointly share the knowledge and skills of all stakeholders and thus create partnerships.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform and puts patient satisfaction at the heart of every interaction. Their cloud-based, CRM application ensures, among other things, faster, more accurate resolution for every patient inquiry, connects agents to all relevant patient information on a single screen and increases efficiency with automated workflows and AI-powered recommendations.

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