"Your medical app is safe and delivers on its promises"


Assuring Medical Apps

Safety in health care is one of our top priorities especially when digital applications are increasingly used as part of a treatment. With Assuring Medical Apps your app complies with the relevant security, privacy and CE requirements. Furthermore, it allows your app to be continuously monitored for changes in its configurations and common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE).

You and the users of your medical app will have certainty about its functioning and that it operates reliable.  Furthermore, it provides a secure exchange of data between the app and a (medical) system.

Deloitte offers support or performs tests based on the following key issues:

  • Your app complies with the required privacy requirements for medical data
  • Your app complies as much as possible with the required security requirements
  • Your app functions reliably
  • Your app is user-friendly
  • Your app is constantly monitored for unplanned changes and vulnerabilities.