"A robot that works for you 24/7"


Cognitive Solutions

Due to the digitalization in health care, medical data is growing exponentially. In order to make meaning out of this, analyses are becoming more complex and the need for more advanced technologies, such as cognitive solutions, is increasing. This technology runs on devices which are capable of performing complex diagnostics based on data analytics. Commonly, the algorithms are self-learning meaning that each time they perform a certain activity they become smarter. In other words, the software effectively mimics the human brain and will, in the end, outsmart them.

In contrast to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) , cognitive technologies are used for more complex tasks. It can be used for searching through huge amounts of data, such as patient records and scientific researches, and use this to support the decision-making process. The self-learning character of the software is key to this.

Cognitive technology has added value for improving the quality of health care and scientific research. Moreover, the drastic cost reduction by automating manual tasks is another major benefit. Robots work 24/7, make no mistakes, are capable of dealing with constantly high peak loads and cost significantly less than employees.


Deloitte has a team of experts to help you with:

  • Selection of the right cognitive technology: due to the huge variety of solutions prices vary enormously. We select the solution best suited for solving the issue while accounting for the organizational context and your intended growth.
  • Preparing a business case outlining the benefits to justify the investment in this technology.
  • Setting up a proof of concept to proof the technical feasibility before scaling-up.
  • Developing customized cognitive solutions. There are various methods in which we can help. Ranging from one-off development costs to “As a Service” model in which not is being paid for the development costs but a fixed price per month.