"Continuously 'in control' through real-time monitoring and alerting."


Compliance Monitoring

Cybercriminals are constantly trying to find new ways to hack your organization in an ever-changing online environment. Moreover, organizations are continuously subjected to changes in for example, IT-infrastructure, applications and employees. How do you you know that:

  • Unauthorised access to patient data is prevented?
  • Digital health-care solutions continue to function reliably?
  • The latest updates of known security patches for systems and applications have been downloaded?

These challenges demand advanced real-time monitoring tools for your digital landscape and, thus, patient data. A-typical patterns or events can trigger alerts allowing you to act upon it timely preventing financial and reputational risks.

Some examples of the monitoring solutions Deloitte offers are:

App Monitoring

Deloitte uses app monitoring to create a “fingerprint” from the (medical) application. The application is continuously subjected to advanced forms of application monitoring, focusing on critical features of the app. Alerts are triggered by changes in functionality, vulnerabilities and clones of your application. It creates transparency and trust in that your app does what it promises to do. For more information please refer to our Assuring Medical Apps website if you want to know more about this service.

Hacking as a Service

Security tests provide insights into the vulnerabilities in your applications and infrastructure. However, these tests are often performed only once while cybercriminals are constantly trying to find new ways to hack your organization in an ever-changing online environment. What’s more, your applications and IT-infrastructure changes from time to time and this can introduce new vulnerabilities. This is why we offer Hacking as a Service.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Monitoring

Your digital landscape will be assessed on potential threats and vulnerabilities they can be exposed to. Based on this we set up a designated monitoring configuration for detecting undesirable events.  

Managed Security Services

To manage cyber risks with confidence, your organization must be updated continuously on the latest internal and external cyber threats and able to act upon them. Deloitte offers advanced forms of monitoring from its Cyber Intelligence Center in The Hague.

Managed Security Services help with this by performing ongoing threat-detection, and adjustment and improvement of the security of the organization. Furthermore, Managed Intrusion Detection services immediately detects diverging patterns in your infrastructure such as data traffic or log in and other known vulnerabilities. Our central database of worldwide vulnerabilities and diverging patterns allows us to detect suspicious activity. Incoming alerts are analysed by our cyber professionals who then decide to undertake further action. Once we do, we immediately send an alert and help you take the appropriate measures.

Compliance Monitoring offers you a wide range of possibilities to help you stay in-control and to further improve upon your digital health-care landscape. Whereas a snapshot (an assessment) only detects vulnerabilities at specific moment in time, monitoring enables you to stay in-control and to have an alarm system in place that allows you to act immediately if a vulnerability is detected.