“Insight in and supervision of cash flows in your healthcare organization”


Data Analytics

Do you have sufficient insight to control risks and monitor the cash flows of your health care organization?

Directors and caregivers are (partly) responsible for controlling risks and monitoring the cash flows of their health care organization. They are increasingly being addressed on this matter by supervisory authorities.

With Data Analytics we combine profound knowledge of the health care sector and our expertise in the field of advanced data analytics with years of experience in forensic research. Data Analytics analyzes your health care organization’s administration and the underlying bookings using your health care organization’s data files, such as payment files, the creditor’s and debtor’s file and the salary administration, and if desired also by using external data files.

Through the use of data analysis techniques and tests based on a broad spectrum of general and health care specific (fraud) risks, deviations, peculiarities, but also possible irregularities and unlawfulnesses in your health care organization are exposed. By also considering the test results in context and by classifying them, inherently more risky payments are identified. According to your wishes, the approach can be made specific.

Our experts help you to gain insight in:


  • Deviations, peculiarities, (possible) irregularities in your health care organization.
  • Quality and management of underlying databases.
  • Risks with respect to financial management of your health care organization.
  • Convenient management information in order to directly generate savings.
  • Quality and compliance of internal processes and controls.
  • Risks with respect to employees in secondary functions.


The results of our data analysis and tests are analyzed by our (forensic) experts and presented to you together with the identified points of attention.

This will help you to improve the management of your health care organization and to monitor the common practice of your health care organization, as well as the risks threatening the realization of the objectives of your health care organization.

Within a couple of weeks, Data Analytics provides you with insights where quality improvements could be made, where financial risks are located in your health care organization and where your health care organization could possibly face reputational risk.

This enables you to retain control to take the right measures in time and investigate (unexpected) signals of possible irregularities. All this with minimal effort of people and means from your side.