Digital Health Compliance

Digitization of health care is something we believe in. What’s more, we are certain it can be secure and compliant. By setting out in the right direction you will achieve your own strategic objectives. These serve an important role in the process of further detailing the regulatory framework. By translating the framework into actionable requirements, a secure and  responsible handling of patient data will be guaranteed at all times.

“Where do you stand and what route will you take?”

Digital Strategy

How do innovative technologies enable your organisation’s strategic objectives? Are you convinced you are on-track in the realization of your digital ambition?

Compliance Blueprint

Do you know the legislation and regulations you must comply with and when? How to respond if you are dealing with conflicting legislation? Do you understand the concrete requirements resulting from this regulatory framework?

Implementation Program

How do you ensure that all legal, technical and organisational measures (as laid down in the Compliance Blueprint) are implemented throughout your organisation?

Compliance Healthcheck

Do you comply with all regulatory framework requirements right now? Do you regularly take measurements to monitor progress?

Compliance Monitoring

How do you stay ‘in-control’ of all requirements for the responsible processing of patient data? And how do you minimise this compliance burden?