"Today's vision and strategy for tomorrow's health-care system"


Digital Strategy

Demographic, political/economic, social and technological developments have an enormous impact on today’s health-care system. The rise of technological developments such as self-assessment tools, digital platforms, artificial intelligence and the standardization of individual profiling will cause a major shift in the way health care is organized.

These technological developments will lead to new products, services, organizations and business models, so companies like yours need to refine their vision and strategy. Deloitte sets out a vision based on a deep understanding of the health-care ecosystem that serves as a catalyst for your organization to become recognized as a leader in your field. Our approach includes:


  • Facilitating a Strategy Lab in which we outline the importance of the following aspects:
    • Increase Urgency
    • Building the Guiding Coalition
    • Defining the Vision, Mission and Strategy
    • Communicate for Buy-In
    • Empower Action
    • Create Short-Term Wins
    • Don’t Let Up
    • Make Change Stick
  • Outlining business cases to substantiate investments in new technological developments
  • Facilitating a strategic risk analysis
  • Facilitating an Innovation Pressure Cooker, for developing innovative ideas into concrete designs or prototypes
  • Outlining a Digital/IT strategy, including advice on and details of scenarios for technologies, business models and suppliers
  • Advising on or examining the feasibility of entering into a joint venture for the development of digital solutions

Your compliance strategy and the context into which the regulatory framework needs to be translated are based on your organization’s digital strategy.