"Legal, organizational and technical measures form an integral part of the business operations and are supported through GRC tooling"


Implementation Program

When your Compliance Blueprint is ready the question arises as to how the plan, including legal, organizational and technical measures, is to be implemented throughout your organization. Most people perceive compliance procedures to be an additional burden on top of their daily work.

Our approach is characterized by applying as much as possible through an automated process. This includes:

  • The Compliance Blueprint, which is an integral part of the business operations, forms the basis.
  • A risk-based approach to define priorities. An additional Compliance Health check can provide insight into your organization’s current status.
  • All controls are implemented in accordance with the full risk management process. This includes: documentation, implementation, testing, roles/responsibilities and reporting.
  • Applying automatic support, such as the advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Deloitte GRC tooling, to reduce time and costs of recordings, support and insight.
  • Specific accountability statements, i.e., in-control statements, at various levels in your organization.

The Deloitte experts can assist you in various roles during the implementation, such as:

  • Project manager for full implementation of the risk control framework.
  • Digital solutions developer, through our digital studios
  • RPA and GRC tooling developer: configuration and, if necessary, development.
  • Quality Assurance role with regard to the project quality and progress.
  • Sparring partner/coach both in terms of content and approach.