Awareness Training

Employee being the weakest link

More often hackers try to get their hands on sensitive data. Often with surprisingly simple techniques such as phishing emails they aim to trick people.


Train your employee

A simple and proven technique to increase the level of security is by focusing on the security awareness of employees within your organization. This can be done through physical training and theory but also by means of a digital awareness portal.


Mitigate risks

Many ISO standards and regulations often require organizations to attribute sufficient time on training and development of their employees. An e-learning platform is the perfect tool to keep a record of this. Moreover, the impact on the primary process is kept to a minimum and goals can be reached effectively.

Training videos

Inspirational training videos about IT security at a level where everyone can participate. 2-3 minutes duration.


An intuitive test after each training video, which shows that the employees have understood the message.


A proof that the employees have reached the goal and implemented training in IT security.

Creative marketing kit

Consisting of files ready for press for i.a. posters, mouse pads, roll-ups, mugs etc. The only limit is your imagination.

Administration module

Manage yourself when to send out the videos to the employees.


Get an overview and statistics of momentum in your campaign.

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