Blockchain technology in health care

Structuring and organizing health care is becoming more decentralized, where the health-care consumer has a network of health-care providers and caretakers around him or her. The safe and secure transfer of data between stakeholders is essential for the delivery of high-quality and effective care. Many of the e-health applications solve relevant health-related problems, but the increasing use of applications results in the fragmented storage of medical data in the digital health data landscape.

To (continue to) deliver consumer centered and high-quality care it is important that data can be shared with relevant stakeholders in a safe and secure way. The health-care consumer plays a key role in the decision-making and care process and in determining who is allowed to access his or her medical data.

Blockchain technology is an important building block for the transfer of medical data between different systems within a network of health-care providers and health-care consumers. Data with high security and privacy requirements can, with use of a blockchain, quickly and easily be shared. The health-care consumer is central in this process and decides to give consent to access his or her data.


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Please contact us if you want to have more information.