Data Exchange Platform

Due to technological innovations (medical devices, apps, pills, plasters, etc.) more and more data is collected by healthcare organizations, and also by individuals (wearables, wellness devices, etc). This data is valuable for healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, research centres, tech companies, etc. Data is the new gold.

Medical data is personal data and very sensitive. Rules and regulations protect the confidentiality of the data and the privacy of the individuals/patients. However, there are many rules and regulations and they are very complex, region-specific and sometimes conflicting with each other.


The growing possibilities with data and thus the growing demand for data, the complexity of legislation and regulations and the stricter supervision thereof, make the correct and compliant exchange of data an ever greater challenge. Legal professionals are unable to process the large number of requests and more professionals does not seem to be the solution as they are expensive and scarce.

How should healthcare organizations deal with this trend? The problem of growing demand for (health) data and the growing amount and complexity of rules and regulations require a radical change.

Due to the fact that the data exchange process contains many simple and repetitive tasks, a Data Exchange Platform (DEX platform) based on cognitive technologies (a combination of robot process automation, cognitive automation and artificial intelligence) will be the solution.


Watch the video below to gain insight into the functionalities that DEX has to offer:

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