Digital Health Compliance

The focus area of Digital Health Compliance is market by three trends: first, the demand for healthcare is rising as a result of an aging population. Second, as digital technologies are becoming more widely adopted, the amount of medical data is grown exponentially. Last but not least, the regulative and legislative demands are becoming stricter. For most health-care organizations this poses a heavy administrative burden and consequently increases costs. We support the entire health-care chain on compliance issues regarding the processing of medical data. Compliance stretches further than adhering to the formal legislation, it also includes organizational standards and protocols.

We believe in the nee to digitalize health care and we are certain that this can be done securely and compliant. We enable you to successfully transform your entire organization and make sure that medical data is processed securely and responsibly. We help you to identify, design, implement, test and monitor controls on the aspects of information security, privacy and legislation. Our approach is characterized by skilled professionals in the field of health, IT, law, privacy and cybersecurity combined with advanced digital compliance tooling so that your organization excels. Through this, compliance becomes affordable scalable so that you can focus all your efforts on providing the best care.



Please contact us if you want to have more information or download our onepager.

Please contact us if you want to have more information.