Funding for innovations

A wealth of incentive opportunities to accelerate the development and uptake of innovations

Subsidies and grants are a great source of funding for research organizations and industry to fund the development of their innovation and reduce investment costs. Subsidies and grants contribute to a reduced time-to-market and minimized technical risks. The development, commercialization and uptake of innovations is promoted through different national and European funding programs. As such, an elaborate system of financial incentives is available to fuel R&D, innovation, and other business investments. These incentives are available for both domestic investments and growth opportunities abroad. However, as acknowledged by many, it is hard to see the forest for its trees when it comes to assessing the appropriate funding program for innovation and investment projects.


Assessing the right funding program to increase success chances

In order to shed some light on the forest, the most relevant and successful grant programs can be grouped into three main themes:

  1. Grant opportunities for the development of innovations (R&D): grant opportunities that are focused on the development of innovative products and/or services of which each taps into different stages of the product life cycle (see onepager). Some grants are focused on the development of an innovation of a specific theme, such as Life Sciences & Health and environment, while other grants are applicable to any theme.
  2. Investments: investments in environmentally friendly assets can represent a major hurdle for organizations. For this reason, both national and regional subsidizing bodies offer a variety of instruments to reduce environmentally friendly investment costs. Here, it is crucial to work out the right mix so that subsidies will not perhaps mutually rule each other out.
  3. HR-related subsidies: to promote education and vitality of the workforce, there are different grant schemes available for training, employment, sustainable employability, vitality and cooperation between education and business.

Selecting the grant opportunity that best fits your project will substantially increase your chance of success.

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