Health Technology Assessment

Most Digital Health Solutions have the aim to save costs and increase efficiency while improving quality of life.  Measuring by how much this aim is actually being realized remains a challenge.

Quantifying the realization of this aim is the purpose of the Health Technology Assessment service. This is a collective name for systematically evaluating the effects and impact of health technology. The applicable social, economical, organizational and ethical aspects of technology are taken into account in the final assessment.

Digital Health Compliance developed a Digital Health Technology Assessment to quickly, but thoroughly, assess the added value of Digital Health Solutions.

Our service

Specific to your digital health solution we develop an economic model following the above mentioned steps. The model will present the incremental cost-effectiveness of your digital health solution based on the choices we collaboratively make in each step.

The results from our analysis will be presented in a report. This report will present an overview of all the chosen steps and their results. The report will be accompanied by graphics to have valuable insights into the cost-effectiveness of the digital health solution.

A method to quickly assess how much impact your digital health solution can have in healthcare. Working together on the continuous improvement of quality of care!

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