Salesforce Healthcare Compliance

As a Salesforce compliance partner, Deloitte can ensure that your Salesforce platform complies with all applicable laws and regulations by including compliance-related topics in the design and implementation of the Salesforce platform.

The Medical Device Regulation may, for example, also apply. Is your Salesforce platform a medical device? Do you use Salesforce Health Cloud? What should you arrange if your platform needs to have a CE approval? What will the impact be on your organization, processes and partners? It is important to interpret the Regulation correctly so that the controls are aligned with the goals of the organization.

Our services:

Statement of applicability

It is important to understand in which regulatory category your Salesforce platform falls. What is the purpose of the platform? Under which risk class does it fall? As part of the Deloitte Digital implementation team, Digital Health Compliance can make this inventory together with you and draw up a statement of applicability in which the relevant risk classes are listed.

Roadmap to compliance

What steps do you need to take in order to comply with the Regulation? And what are the priorities?

As your compliance partner we screen your organization, (software development) processes and daily operations to provide you with a roadmap that provides answers to all your questions.


It is of the utmost importance that all employees understand and support the processes and controls that are implemented. Your entire organization needs to follow these controls. We can help you during implementation as well as in the operationalization phase. We enable you to become compliant and remain compliant as well.

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