Rob Peters

Senior Manager - Deloitte

Rob studied at Nyenrode Business University, where he earned a degree in Dutch public accountancy (registeraccountant). Rob has been registered as an accountant since 2012. After working in accountancy for seven years, Rob started a new business line within Deloitte Innovation: Assuring Medical Apps.

Rob has gained extensive experience in compliance, privacy and health-care data protection. Rob has taken this experience to Deloitte Legal, where he now is part of the Digital Health Compliance team.


In this role he is responsible  for the innovative and compliance related digital health care services. Rob has built up a good innovation network within the health-care sector. In this capacity, Rob acts as a mentor for several accelerator programs, such as Rockstart Digital Health Accelerator and the Sustainable Healthcare Challenge. Rob is involved in several innovation juries and committees within the health-care sector and he is involved in the annual Dutch Health Hackathon as a partner.


In addition, Rob writes several articles for healthcare related platforms and professional journals every year. He speaks about health-care compliance at renowned conferences and he regularly provides guest lectures about data protection.