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Within the health-care industry there is a large number of formal contracts. Whether it regards the processing of data or the outsourcing of treatment related procedures, everything is governed by contracts that obviously include the appropriate agreements. But what agreements should be included? What counts as a clear agreement and how should it be formulated? Are we not forgetting anything and how much room is left for interpretation within the legislative and regulatory framework?

Deloitte has developed several templates to assist you in detailing your specific contract situation. You can complete the template through simple questions, resulting in a legally accepted and formal contract.

Next, you will be sent the completed template in a Word document, so you can read it carefully and, if necessary, tailor it further to your specific situation. You can then print the contract with your own branding or company logo and send it to the other contracting party for approval.

Currently we are working on preparing the first templates, including:

  • Data processing agreement
  • Contractual Clauses (document for the exchange of data outside Europe)
  • Secondment agreement
  • Agreement on costs for joint account
  • Outsourcing medical specialist care

The templates always provide you with the appropriate content for your contracts and prevents you from having to hire legal experts. In addition, you will be assured that the contract complies with the latest applicable legislation and regulations.

In the next few months we will make more templates available. If you don’t find the contract you’re looking for in our web shop, please contact us so we can help you further.